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November trip is November 28 - Dec 4. Christmas trip is December 26- Jan 6. Bro Donald and Sister Patsy plans to move on the field to Honduras the first of February


Our Site is now available to our Spanish

Brothers and Sisters. Check it out at:


Go Forth updates:


1.      HOUSE RENT-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$ 4,800.00

2.      STAFF @ $900.00 PER MONTH-------------------------------------------------------------$10,800.00

3.      FOOD----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$12,000.00

4.      CABLE----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$    480.00

5.      ELECTRICITY--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$   480.00

6.      PHONE---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$   100.00

7.      SCHOOL AND MEDICAL ESTIMATE---------------------------------------------------------$ 1,200.00

8.      DENIA’S DENTAL--------------------------------------------------------------------------------$ 1,050.00

9.      CLOTHING-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$ 1,000.00

10.  VEHICLE FOR CHILDREN’S HOME BALANCE----------------------------------------------$ 5,000.00

11.  HOME REPAIR------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$ 1,000.00

12.  FUEL FOR CHILDREN HOME------------------------------------------------------------------$ 1,200.00

13.  ADMINISTRATIVE-------------------------------------------------------------------------------$ 1,500. 00

14.  REFRIDGERATOR????????????????????????????????????????????????????$   1,250.00




Children at the Children's Home


 The Governor of the state of Santa Barbara


Information about Go Forth Ministries

Go Forth Ministry is a non-profit ministry under the authority of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Saucier, MS. The director of the ministry is Bro. Don Hilbun. Check out the Director's page to find out more about him.    

    We have also been blessed to put into motion a long time vision of establishing A children's home. As of January 15, 2013, the "CHILDREN for CHRIST CHILDREN'S HOME" is official. Our attorney is filing all documentation with the Honduran Children's services to make this possible.

     This ministry was established to promote evangelism and revival in conservative Baptist churches. We work with local pastors to accomplish this. We further undertake mission work locally, nationally, and internationally, helping to purchase property, build buildings, and win lost souls. Our minstry includes revivals with no expense to the missionaries or mission churches, extensive discipling on the mission field, and we further assist missionaries with backyard VBS.     

    Our mission statement is Psam 126:6. The thrust of our mission is evangelism. We do this through crusades and revivals. In this effort, we bring evangelism teams to the mission or local church and go door to door spreading the "Good News." We will come to your church and teach evangelism. We then offer opportunities for hands on with an experienced team. These opportunities consist of door-to-door in your church community, state, national and international missions.  You may contact us to schedule yours through our Bookings page.   

    Our funds are received through donations by individuals, businesses, churches, and rallies. We furnish KJV gift award bibles for our crusades and do not promote any other.